Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Home New Normal

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Shore Leave Media is proud to take up our new nesting place here on blogger. Old content is still at our Wordpress blog for now, please wander through our juvenilia at your leisure. This is a place for grown up things and grown up ideas. Peter Pan will have to suck it up and make it to the staff meeting at 8:30 or he's gone. Don't worry, with an job market like this, we can always get someone new.

Speaking of New...

Now I have nothing to say of their politics - only that I think they actually walk a fine line - but I do enjoy watching the New Normal. As we get situated here, be thankful Mr Shore isn't having my baby.

This show is as campy as I thought it would be, coming from Ryan Murphy who was also creator of the wildly successful and sickly nauseating Glee. But beyond the caricature that each character dances around descending into, we find astoundingly honest and modern takes on all of the hot button issues you hope presidential candidates will ignore.

The New Normal also does a great job of smashing up stereotypes and mashing them together. Take the character Nana. She is the surrogate's grandmother, herself a young slutty mother once upon a time. Today she is an Arizona right of right, conservative family values taken with klingon intensity. She is crass and hostile to just about everyone. But even so, she's a necessary foil who's pretty much aware that she plays that role. It's the only thing that drowns out the camp - how self aware all the choreography and social tropes seem in the show. Somehow I buy how deeply everyone is going through the motions.

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  1. Left wing Nancy-boys poisoning minds with with their hug-a-muslim bull-crap. Zing!