Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zomney Apocalypse

Thank God Joss Whedon is looking out for all of us:

HA! Man he's good! I especially love, "No one knows if they'll be the super fast ones from 28 days later, or just the old school shambly ones. But they'll be out there, and they'll need brains."

Of course, I'll just point out that if our nation becomes insolvent, then we also lose our schools and health care. Then our zombies will sound like this:

No joke, though - when the Occupoopers were loitering in our city, my husband didn't want me going that way without a sharp blade for fear of Zombie attack! But it actually starts to make sense: The Occupy 'movement' encouraged ignorance and uncivil behavior. The above example is one of thousands that were documented of someone spouting off an ignorant - often child-like - misconception of how the world works at the top of their lungs while vilifying a group and verbally assaulting an individual. Their onslaught often feels like a beleaguering and unstoppable corpse of speech scraping at your face shouting, "BRAINS."  

The Occupy 'movement' encouraged unwashedness and disanitation. It's prime infection spreading living! On the street, no showers or bathrooms, free drugs and freer sex. Max Brooks couldn't have written it more perfectly (well actually, he did). 

Third, the Occupy 'movement', when it moved, often moved in packs, trolling down the road moaning. 

Maybe that was singing, not moaning. Maybe they're protesters, not zombies. Maybe they're hip new hippies who don't bathe because hygiene is oppression, and not risen corpses animated to locomotion with an unquenchable thirst for grey matter. Maybe they support Marxism without the intellectual riggor, and not eating brains, Brains, BRAINS! But only maybe.